The Alston-Pleasants Post-Graduate Scholars Fund 

The Alston-Pleasants Post-Graduate Scholars Fund was established in 2008 to provide graduate and professional studies scholarships to recipients of the Alston-Pleasants Scholarships that Missouri Alston Pleasants established in 1958 for selected undergraduate University of North Carolina students from Franklin, Halifax and Warren counties.

The Alston-Pleasants Scholars Fund

On May 9, 1958, Missouri Alston Pleasants, upon entry into a Trust Agreement with Wachovia Bank & Trust Company, as Trustee, contributed $100,000 to establish the Alston-Pleasants Scholars Fund to provide scholarships to UNC students who are selected by the UNC Scholarship Committee from Franklin, Halifax and Warren Counties or, in exceptional circumstances, from other NC counties.

The Trust Agreement provides that the scholarships shall be known as the “Alston-Pleasants Scholarships” and further requires a public announcement of the Scholarship Committee’s selection of recipients at the commencement exercises of each school from which any recipient graduates.

The Trustee reports annually on the trust investments and distributions to the Clerks of Court of Franklin, Halifax and Warren Counties.

The first Alston-Pleasants Scholarship was awarded in 1959 and, to date, Alston-Pleasants Scholarships, which are administered by the UNC Student Aid Office, have been awarded to 85 beneficiaries.